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4-H Clubs

Club Map

Youth in 4-H join one of Ozaukee County’s local 4-H clubs. Clubs typically hold monthly meetings plus many other events throughout the year including: parties, picnics, outings, community service opportunities, and much more! Members interested in being more involved can become club officers where they have the responsibility of planning events and programs. In addition to club meetings, 4-H members can also enroll in a variety of projects. Projects include arts & crafts, livestock, remote-controlled cars, lego-robotics, foods, rocketry, woodworking and many others. Projects are organized at the club level, county-wide level or through independent study.


4-H Club Contact Information and Meeting Locations/Times

Cloverleaf 4-H Club
Dorothy Parchim, 262-370-4745 /
Second Monday @ 6:30 pm but meeting dates & locations vary by month.
Meeting places include Grafton Elementary, Grafton Senior Center, Grafton Legion Hall & others Calendar of 2013-14 meeting dates & locations available from club.

Covered Bridge 4-H Club
Sue Karolczek, 262-377-0237 /
Fairgrounds – Youth Building, Second Thursday @ 7:00 pm

Deckers Corners 4-H Club
Connie Kison, 262-377-5670 /
Fairgrounds – Youth Building, Second Monday @ 7:00 pm

Holy Cross 4-H Club
Diane Hamm, 262-689-2589 /
Holy Cross Church Hall, First Monday @ 7:00 pm

In Stride 4-H Club
Teresa Zoromski, 262-376-9493 /

Jay Road 4-H Club
Sandy Hubing, 262-285-3528 /
Belgium Legion Hall, First Monday @ 7:00 pm

Knellsville 4-H Club
Jan Dommer, 262-894-4264 /
First Congregational Church, Port Washington, Second Thursday @ 7:00 pm

Lakeview 4-H Club
Kate Hoffmann, 262-675-0578 /
Saukville Town Hall, Second Wednesday @ 6:30 pm
Club meetings in September, October, November, February, April, June & July

Lindenwood 4-H Club
Carol Boehlke, 262-242-4862 /
Lindenwood School, First Monday @ 7:00 pm

Little Kohler 4-H Club
Darlene Goehring, 920-994-4573 /
Camp Awana, Second Wednesday @ 7:00 pm

Town & Country 4-H Club
Barb Batzko, 262-375-6189 /
Fairgrounds – Youth Building, Fourth Tuesday @ 7:00 pm

Waubeka 4-H Club
Marlene Tesker, 262-675-6607
Americanism Center, Fourth Tuesday @ 7:00 pm