Mr. and Miss Ozaukee 4-H

Mr and MissMackenzie Neumann and Dylan Wohlers- 2017

Congratulations to Mackenzie Neumann our new Miss Ozaukee 4-H 2017. Mackenzie  is the daughter of Lynn & Larry Neumann.   Mackenzie  is a 9 year member of the Town & Country 4-H Club.  She has taken the projects of dogs, goats, scrapbooking, photography, cake decorating, archery, snowmobile/ATV and more.  She is a Youth leader for the dog, scrapbooking and goat projects. Mackenzie said, “The dog project has had a huge impact on my life.”  “I was given the amazing opportunity to be a judge at the fun match show; it was beyond difficult to give someone a placing when you know how hard they have worked.”   Mackenzie is an Ozaukee County Leaders Association board member, this past year she served as secretary.   She is very involved in the planning of the Communications Festival, Bunny Breakfast and 4-H Camp.  Mackenzie said about 4-H Camp, “For four days, it is my job to be a parent like mentor to 4-6 youth around the clock. It has shown me just how strong my passion is for working with youth.”   She was a 2016 American Spirit Experience Delegate.  She has attended Space Camp as a delegate and as a counselor.  Mackenzie is very involved with 4-H Club where she has served as their president and secretary.  Mackenzie is a junior at Cedarburg  High School.  She enjoys being involved  in Musicals, on Student Council and Best Buddies program.


Congratulations to Dylan Wohlers our new Mr. Ozaukee 4-H 2017. Dylan is the son of Rod & Amy Wohlers.   Dylan is a 6 year member of the Jay Road 4-H Club.  He has taken the projects of robotics, entomology and dogs.  He is very involved in the dog project.  Dylan said,  “Six years ago I joined the dog project not only to help myself understand more about dogs, but to help Haley (my dog) and I bond and understand each other. Through Obedience and Showmanship training I learned to control Haley especially under stress and in the company of many people and other dogs.  I plan on having a couple of dogs in the future that I can train on my own”   Dylan is a member of the Older Youth, enjoys attending 4-H Camp.  He is active with his 4-H Club where this past year he served as president.  Dylan said, “As president you gather information of what is going on in the 4-H community and communicate this to the members and help them sign up for different opportunities and community services.”  Dylan is a student at Random Lake High School.  He is active in FFA, enjoys playing soccer, football, basketball and baseball.  He is also the assistant Track coach.


IMG_2540Jessie Schoessow and Spencer Knier- 2016

Congratulations to Jessie Schoessow our new Miss Ozaukee 4-H 2016. Jessie is the daughter of Kurt & Cary Schoessow.   Jessie is a 9 year member of the Lindenwood 4-H Club.  She has taken the projects of Beef, Leathercraft, Archery, Drawing and Painting, Scrapbook, Home Environment, Quilting and more.  She is a Youth leader for the Beef and Leathercraft projects.   She is also the Beef Youth Rep for the Livestock Association and shows beef cattle at the Wisconsin State Fair.   Jessie says, “Beef is in my family and in my blood.”  Her entire family, Grandparents, parents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and siblings all showed beef cattle.  She said, “The Beef project is what keeps my family together”    Jessie is an Ozaukee County Leaders Association board member, where this past year she was very inspirational in the start of the first Bunny Breakfast.    She was the 2013 4-H Youth Conference Delegate and the 2015 American Spirit Experience Delegate.  Jessie is very involved with her 4-H Club.  She has been a 4-H Variety Show performer since she was old enough to perform.  Jessie said, “Beside the Beef project the Variety Show has also been a family affair.”   Together with her mom who is the Lindenwood Variety Show leader, they love to think up clever ideas for a club act that can complete against their rival cousins in the Little Kohler 4-H Club.  Jessie also loves to perform solo acts that showcase her beautiful singing ability.   Jessie is a member of the Older Youth, an Ozaukee 4-H Ambassador, a 4-H Camp Counselor and a 4-H Haunt and Jamboree Volunteer.  Jessie said, “Overall 4-H has formed and sculptured me into the individual I am today.”  Jessie is a junior at Homestead High School.  She enjoys being in the Fall Plays and Winter Musicals.  She is a Sunday School teacher, a VBS Counselor and enjoys dancing with the Pommersche Tanzdeel in Freistadt.


Congratulations to Spencer Knier our new Mr. Ozaukee 4-H 2016. Spencer is the son of Ellen and Steven Knier.   Spencer is a 4 year member of the Cloverleaf 4-H Club.  He has taken the projects of Music, Woodworking, Foods, Arts and Crafts, and Candymaking.  He is a youth leader for the Legos project.  Spencer leads the members to be creative, he said, “Children have boundless creative energy and if encouraged can do anything.”  Spencer enjoys volunteering at the Ozaukee 4-H Haunt.  The rooms change every year so he enjoys picking out a new costume to fit the room and he said, “The face makeup adds a whole new level of scary!”  Spencer is a member of the Older Youth, enjoys participating in the Communications Festival and the 4-H Bowl-athon.  He is active with his 4-H Club.  He shares his project talents and singing ability as his club goes caroling and puts on Mini Variety Shows for the residents at various Nursing Homes.   Spencer is the male winner of the Ozaukee County 4-H Older Member Dance off from the 2014 4-H Dance.  It was a hard fought battle, which he won those honors with Jessie Schoessow our new Miss Ozaukee 4-H, who was the female Dance off winner.  Spencer was the 2015 delegate to Citizenship Washington Focus trip to Washington DC.  He participated in the 4-H Day at the Capitol.  Spencer said “ I am so lucky to be able to participate in such an amazing organization that has honed my skills, introduced me to amazing friends and shown me things I would have not otherwise seen.”  Spencer is a Senior at Grafton High School.  He is very active in the Choir and Band.  He enjoys being part of the GHS Musicals and Plays.  He is also on the GHS Forensics Team

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